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Research studies, product strategy review, and advisor insights for asset managers and more

Today’s rapidly changing landscape is best described as “Filled with complexities and opportunities”. Let IPP assist your team with research designed to provide a clear picture of where these complexities and opportunities exist.

IPP’s data-driven and factual research services can help you to optimize your competitiveness and knowledge by providing market intelligence on how the financial services industry is changing, determining the impact of key micro and macro scenarios on your organization, products, distribution partners, customers, and competitors, and of course our research will enable your team with best practices and actionable recommendations.

Research Studies

IPP provides research studies about forward-looking strategies for optimizing your competitiveness and business opportunities. We provide your team with more due diligence and act as a force multiplier.*

Competitive, regulatory, demographic, political, tax, and health forces are causing shifts in the investment management industry. With research, you enable your team to make fact-based decisions. As an asset manager you can quickly assess impacts and respond with confidence.

IPP’s research studies provide deep-dive strategic assessments on industry issues, offer long-term analysis, and short-term suggestions for catching up and staying ahead. It’s never too late to add research to the mix.

Research studies and reports from IPP provide executives and boards with strategy and recommendations for optimizing coverage models, sales team structures, and compensation programs, and help align your firm’s goals. Utilize our data-driven best practices to improve your firm’s tactics and your own sanity.

The whole organization will benefit from IPP research by supporting the sales cycle with digital marketing strategies. Our research is key in reassuring your return on investment in marketing budgets.

Also offered in the way or improving research are; data, insights into investment product categories, and market overviews.

*All our research includes analyst presentations from our team.

Product Strategy Review

Through our product strategy review we offer our analysis of product development and management trends. At the end of this, you will have better knowledge of your firm and industry’s specific emerging trends in investment product development and management.

Competition from emerging fund managers has intensified, and existing fund managers have doubled-down on their strategies as we all focus on productivity. Let us help you address increasingly complex customer, regulatory, and distributor requirements with a blended approach of traditional analysis and more innovative product review.

Product Strategy Review is delivered as a monthly subscription service. IPP PSR provides data, commentary, and explanations for a wide range of investment products categories offered by mutual funds, annuities, exchange traded funds, collective investment trusts, managed accounts, and institutional separate accounts. Insights span a variety of investment strategies, including liquid alternatives, traditional and non-traditional asset classes, multi-asset solutions, and strategic beta.

Advisor Insights

IPP is proud to offer you frequent and comprehensive surveys of financial intermediaries. *

As advisors take more sophisticated approaches to managing client portfolios and exploring diverse investment products in a crowded marketplace, it’s more important than ever for asset management organizations to segment and understand advisor behaviors and preferences.

IPP Advisor Insights analyzes assets and transactions of each portfolio belonging to 150,000+ active US financial advisors. We score each portfolio, buying behavior, and portfolio construction philosophy which gives you a complete picture of who you do business with, who you shouldn’t, and who you should.

Complement existing advisor segmentation with transaction data to help you position and sell the right products to the right advisors.

Gain high-level advisor market data which compliments your proprietary advisor data.

Get a detailed profile of each of your current and prospective advisors, with IPP Advisor Insights. We give you a complete advisor data profile, including holdings by asset class allocation, and other key attributes

IPP Advisor Insights helps you identify sales and marketing strategies and techniques that identify new sales targets, focus on the right product offerings for current and new advisors, personalize engagement and nurture each relationship.

*IPP Advisor Insights research is included in this service. This provides you with ongoing, comprehensive surveys of the behaviors, preferences, and opinions of financial intermediaries that are analyzed to deliver tactical distribution recommendations unique to your firm’s distribution strategy. You can also access this information anywhere, and export your data.